Christmas Shopping at the Westfalen Youngster Online Auctions

Christmas Shopping at the Westfalen Youngster Online Auctions

“Münster: “”Every week on Mondays…”” starts into the next round. Just in time for the Christmas Shopping, the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch is holding three online auctions in December. For sale are unridden youngsters and brood mares. The ponies will kick off the auctions on December 7, followed by the dressage horses on December 14. The jumping horses will close the auction year on December 21.

Christmas is just around the corner. At the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V. As in the summer, an online auction on the usual auction platform will be held every Monday starting at 7.30 pm for the next three weeks. At the end of the year, unridden youngsters and brood mares for dressage and show jumping as well as riding pony youngsters will be for sale.

The riding ponies are the prelude to this auction series. Nine highly talented two-year-old riding pony youngsters are for sale in this collection. The auction starts with number 1, the recently licensed Der feine Lord/Chantre B son Der kleine Earl who was also awarded with a premium title. The high quality riding ponies are a top recommendation for the pony sport as well as for children. Starting today at 9 am bidding on the future stars in the riding pony arena starts. The Bid Up starts on Monday, December 7, at 7.30 pm.

Future sport horses and pearls for breeding
Only one week later, the dressage youngsters and brood mares will start into the bid up at the same place. 36 future acrobats fort he dressage arena as well as seven brood mares have been selected by the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V.. They all convinced with good basic gaits and performance tested pedigrees. Among the two-year-old youngsters are 32 stallions and four mares, which will be highly interesting for breeding and sport in the future. Pearls for breeding are also available for sale with the seven broodmares. Some of them alredy successful in dressage horse tests and already experienced in breeding, they are now all expecting a foal for the coming year. The collection with all pedigree information, photos, videos and current veterinary reports are already available for viewing. Bids can be placed from December 10.
Shortly before Christmas, the jumping youngsters and broodmares are coming up on the auction plattform. From December 15 the collection will be available for viewing. Bids can be placed from December 17. On December 21 at 7.30 pm the last bid up of the year for the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V. starts with this collection. 14 jumping youngsters as well as six broodmares are for sale. Among the two-year olds are two mares and twelve young stallions. The pedigrees of these youngsters are dominated by internationally tested sires, which give reason to expect great things for the future of these young horses. The six broodmares are all in foal to highly interesting stallions. In combinat on with the performance tested dam lines the signs for a successful future of these foals are good.”

“As usual, the collections are available for viewing about one week before Bid Up starts with complete pedigree information as well as photos and videos at Registered users can also use this platform to view current veterinary reports.

Picture credits: Reckimedia.
BU 1: Number 1 of the online auction for dressage youngster and broodmares: Zagreb by Zoom/Just Perfect.
BU 2: The auction for riding pony youngsters is opened by the licensed Der feine Lord/Chantre B-son
Der kleine Earl.”