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2020 Westfalen Dressage Stallions Licensed in Münster

The first two licensing days of the Westphalian main licensing 2020 have ended. The focus of the first two days was on the dressage stallions. From the high quality Lot 31 stallions were licensed and 10 were awarded a premium title.The Westphalian main licensing started with the dressage stallions. On the newly designed triangular track of the Westphalian

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New DNA Requirements for North American Stallions

New stallions entering the Westfalen Warmblood books are now required to have WFFS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome) test results on file, along with the standard DNA Parentage Verification. German Riding Pony stallions must now have DNA test results on file for CA (Cerebellar Abiotrophy), as well as Myotania if descending from any New Forest Pony lines.

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