2020 Westfalen Pony Stallion Licensing Champions Chosen

2020 Westfalen Pony Stallion Licensing Champions Chosen

Traditionally, the first weekend in Advent at the Westfalne Horse Studbook e.V. the licensing for small horses takes place.In addition to the German riding ponies, other small horse breeds faced the judgment of the licensing committee.A champion stallion was celebrated at the end of the day for both the riding ponies and the other breeds.

The end of the licensing week at the Westphalian Horse Stud Book e.V. formed the German riding ponies and other small horse breeds this weekend. After appearing on the triangular track, lunging and presenting in free running and free jumping, the riding ponies were a real eye-catcher at the front. With head number 27, the Golden Gray NRW / Bodyguard P son (breeder: Mareike Mertensmeier, Delbrück; exhibitor: BG Dr. Daniel Münter and Sabine Nixtatis, Neuss) was named champion stallion. The Palomino impressed right across the board with its first appearance on the triangle.

“A pony with a lot of nobility and charm, equipped with three outstanding basic gaits. This weekend the most complete pony, which also convinced in the gallop work on the lunge with sufficient load capacity and space and presented itself very confidently today in free jumping ”, praised the provisional breeding director Thomas Münch.

The pony’s father, Golden Gray NRW, was the reserve winner of his licensing in Münster-Handorf in 2016. “In the end it was nuances that decided,” said Thomas Münch at the award ceremony.

In the end, head number 22 BC was the reserve winner. FS Mr. President / FS Don´t Worry (breeder: Hubert Fockenberg, Bottrop; exhibitor: Josef and Christine Wilbers, Weeze) excellent. The bay showed himself in all parts of the presentation with extraordinarily good hindquarters activity as well as a lot of overview and ability in free jumping. “An exceptional pony with many riding pony points and a great performance on the lunge,” summarizes Thomas Münch. The mother of the pony already produced the licensed FS Clarimo by FS Coconut Cream, which took part in the Bundeschampionat in 2019 and 2020.

The commission awarded the title of 2nd reserve winner twice. One of them is the head number 24 BC. FS Numero Uno NRW / FS Champion de Luxe (breeder: ZG Anja and Manfred Bock, Vreden; exhibitor: BG Dressurstall Fischer and Ferienhof Stücker, Emstek), whose full sister was in the final of the Bundeschampionat in 2018. The Palomino presented itself on both days with a lot of rhythm and sequence with a good foundation and great hindquarters activity. “The stallion already impressed at the Dreieck with a tailor-made appearance! We are already looking forward to seeing him again next year under the saddle of the right rider at the championship ”, comments Thomas Münch.

In addition, the head number 31 v. Chr. Golden West / Gründleinshof’s San Royal (breeder: Cordula Kaus, Gestüt Gründleinshof, Heidenheim; exhibitor: Anneke Behr, Buchholz) with the title of 2nd reserve winner. This stallion caught the eye of the audience from the start. “A pony stallion that one could hardly ask for better in terms of type!” Is the comment of the provisional breeding director. The palomino showed a lot of habit, expression and a wealthy Free jumping.

A total of 37 German riding pony stallions faced the judgment of the licensing committee. 13 of them were licensed, seven received a premium. Other pony breeds included the New Forest, Fjord, Welsh B, Shetland and German Partbred Shteland ponies. 13 presented themselves to the commission, six of them were licensed. The champion stallion with the number 59 was decorated with a premium. A Shetland pony by Felix / Ferro van Veldzicht (breeder and exhibitor: Willi Niggenaber, Lippstadt-Esbeck). Selected licensed and non-licensed riding pony stallions will be up for sale in an online auction on December 7th. The photos and videos of these stallions will be available for viewing from the middle of next week at onlineauction.westfalenpferde.de. The attached photos can be used free of charge in connection with the PM. Photo credit: Reckimedia. Caption: Champion Stallion by Golden Gray NRW / Bodyguard P (with the lucky breeders)